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The French language opens many doors in life and can be your route to a successful future. Whether you are learning for your education, your career or simply for an incredible life experience, we will make sure you reach your goals. With our professional guidance you can design the most personalised French language experience in Switzerland and we guarantee that through our wide range of language courses, friendly and professional teachers and social activities. On your course you will meet students from all over the world and have experiences you will never forget. Whether you stay with us for one week or one year, we will make sure you have the time of your life.Join the conversation with the SWISS FRENCH SCHOOL!

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Infinity learning

Before and after learning solutions: Only we offer you the advantage to prepare for your langue experience and boost your confidence before your arrival and to retain and further develop all the skills that you have worked so hard for. Be ahead of the game and enjoy the benefits of our Swiss Distance Learning method.

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Personalised experience: It is in the core of our DNA to make sure that we custom designed all aspects of your learning experience in Switzerland down to the smallest detail.

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Learn in a small family atmosphere: We give you the attention you deserve and by creating the smallest classes in Switzerland we make sure that you can hear us and we can you.

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