Accommodation in Lausanne, Montreux & Geneva

Get a full immersive experience of the French language and the Swiss culture in the French-speaking region of Switzerland.

Lausanne, Montreux and Geneva are hosts to thousands of students that wish to learn French every year. If you wish to stay in one of these cities or their surrounding areas you can find several options for acommodation below

History, Music and Beauty

The city of Montreux has been the favorite destination of great writers, artists and musicians for two centuries.

It's pleasant microclimate and fabulous landscapes has made Montreux an artistic magnet for greats like Freddy Mercury.

The Montreux Riviera region is famous for it's charming monuments and landscapes, as well as being the home of major international companies like Nestlé.

If you wish to study in our Montreux center, you can find accomodation solutions here in Accomodation in Montreux


Olympic Capital of the World

Capital city of the Vaud canton, Lausanne is famous for being the heart of international sport (hosting the International Olympic Committee and around 55 other international sport associations).

It is also home to major international companies like Nespresso or Phillip Morris and to world renowned learning institutions such as the EPFL or the "École hôteliere de Lausanne" (EHL).

The famous "Olympic capital" is situated on the shores of Lake Leman and, being mostly a student city, it offers an exciting combination of cultural and entertainment events.

If you wish to study in our Lausanne center, you can find accomodation solutions here: Accomodation in Lausanne


The world's diplomacy hub

Thanks to being the host to the highest number of international organizations in the world (including the United Nations and the Red Cross), Geneva is global city that welcomes people from all over the world.

It is considered as well as one of the most important financial centers in the world and is famous for it's exclusive shopping centers and elegant establishments.

Like Lausanne and Montreux, Geneva is the home to several highly reputed Hotel and Gastronomy schools.

If you wish to study in our Geneva center, you can find accomodation solutions here: Accomodation in Geneva