1. Enrolment & confirmation
1.1 By enrolling, you accept the contract and travel terms and conditions of SPEAK Language Travel Sàrl. (SPEAK Language Travel). The enrolment can be handwritten/ sent by fax (enrolment form), or made by telephone/orally. Once we have received notification of your enrolment, we will confirm your language stay within 14 days. We will inform you in a timely manner and offer an alternative course if the course or any other aspect of you language trip (such as accommodation, activities, etc.) are unavailable. In the case of late enrolment, 2 weeks (or less) prior to your departure, a last-minute fee of CHF 50 is invoiced. The total amount in foreign currency, relative to your trip, is converted into Swiss Francs the day your invoice is issued (approx. 6 weeks prior to your departure). We apply an exchange rate based on the inflated interbank rate of the day in order to cover exchange risks. The choice to pay in foreign currency needs to be specified at the time of the initial booking. International banking fees will be charged for any money transfer made by SPEAK Language Travel Sàrl. to its partner schools.
2. Payment
2.1 The deposit amount of CHF 400 is to be paid upon reception of the enrolment confirmation. The balance is due at the latest 6 weeks prior to the course start. If the booking is made less than 8 weeks prior to the beginning of the course, a deposit amount of CHF 400 is requested at the time of enrolment, to be paid by credit card or cash. Payment of the outstanding balance is due upon receipt of the invoice. Transaction costs for payment by credit card are subject to additional fees amounting to 2% of the amount charged.
2.2 The total payment must be received by us prior to your departure. In the case of non-payment of the deposit and/or balance, your booking may be cancelled by SPEAK Language Travel Sàrl. (according to the conditions of cancellation in point 4). Your file will be sent to you following reception of the full payment (around 10 days prior to your departure).
2.3 Methods of Payment (the course fees must be paid by any of the following means):

By bank transfer to the following account: Name of Bank: Banque Cantonal Vaudoise. Address: 1001 Lausanne. Account Holder: Swiss Educational Programs SA. Account Holder address: RUE DU SIMPLON 34 1006 LAUSANNE. Account: K 0932.79.59. IBAN: CH80 0076 7000 K093 27959. SWIFT: BCVLCH2LXXX. Clearing Number: 767

In cash To the local SPEAK office or representative

By credit card

3. Changes to booking
3.1 Prior to your departure: for every change in booking taking place prior to your departure, we invoice a fee of minimum CHF 40 and maximum CHF 150. A change of school is considered as a cancellation in accordance with the conditions specified in point 4.
3.2 Following your departure: following your departure, any change in the initial arrangement does not entail a reopening of your file. If you intend to leave the school prematurely, wish to change your accommodation option or want to ask for any other change you must contact the school directly. If the change is with regard to a complaint, refer to point 12.
4. Cancellation
4.1 Concerning language studies abroad: a) Any potential cancellation needs to be sent to us by registered letter. If the cancellation occurs more than 30 days prior to your departure, a fee of CHF 400 is invoiced to you, b) If your cancellation occurs less than 30 days prior to your departure, you will be charged cancellation fees of a minimum of CHF 400 or the following fees:

from 29 to 15 days prior to the departure 20%

from 14 to 8 days prior to the departure 40%

from 7 to 1 days prior to the departure 80%

from the 1st day of your stay or in the case of an early return, no refund is granted

4.2 Cancellation due to Visa Denial: ff you are forced to cancel the course due to visa denial after a timely visa application, all payments and deposits will be returned subject to a CHF 400 cancellation fee. You will need to present a document demonstrating the visa denial at least 2 weeks prior to your departure. If we have not received such a document at least 2 weeks prior to your departure, cancellation fees in accordance with the conditions specified in point 4.1 b will apply.
4.3 Concerning accommodation: the residences / apartments / studios / hotel rooms are subject to the terms and conditions of cancellation of the various local service providers and the cancellation fees are generally higher than for host families. Detailed terms and conditions of cancellation on request. Consequently, for these types of accommodation, a supplement of the sum mentioned in point 2.1 will be invoiced during the booking confirmation.
6. Insurance
6.1 EVASAN cancellation-assistance insurance: a ELVIA cancellation fees-travel insurance may be taken out for all of our language studies abroad. In the case of incapacity to travel (illness, accident, death of a relative, employment or loss of a job, stolen passport, etc.) occurring prior to your departure, this insurance covers you personally against cancellation fees. This insurance also covers assistance guarantees (early return, hospital transport, repatriation, etc.) for the first 3 months of your stay. If the planned stay is longer than 3 months, it is possible to extend the assistance cover. By opting for this insurance during your enrolment, you accept the EVASAN insurance terms and conditions. Contractual clauses are available on request or on our website.
6.2 Accident-health insurance: you are obliged to be covered against the risks of illness and accidents abroad. It is necessary to announce your departure abroad to your health organisation (or additional mutual insurance company).
6.3 Accident – Health Insurance (SPEAK partner contract): you are obliged to be covered against the risks of illness and accidents abroad. SPEAK Language Travel can offer you such a medical assistance cover thanks to the “EVASAN SPEAK partner contract” contract (terms and conditions available on request or on our website).
7. Conditions of admission into destination country
7.1 All of the conditions imposed by your trip abroad (obtaining a visa, valid insurance, customs formalities, etc.) are your responsibility. We provide you with the information given by the embassies and help you in the steps towards obtaining a visa. You are responsible for respecting all of the major instructions concerning your journey. If you fail to do so, the fees, in particular the cancellation fees, will be at your expense , except if it is due to false information or the non–transmission of information from SPEAK Language Travel (SPEAK Language Travel Sàrl.).
8. Reserved rights of the organiser
8.1 SPEAK Language Travel and our partner schools reserve the right to refuse an enrolment or to expel a participant if their behaviour detracts from the smooth running of the programme, if it contravenes the rules of the establishment or if it breaks the law of the host country, All of the fees, including the return journey, fines, etc. are at the expense of the participant or of the parents. The participants, or their legal guardian, are also responsible for any damages or losses caused during their stay.
9. Responsibility of the organiser
9.1 SPEAK Language Travel cannot be held responsible for the impossibility of assuring the services initially planned by reason of failure of its service providers, conflicts, or serious problems outside of its control. SPEAK Language Travel is responsible as a language travel agent for the authenticity of its brochure, the accuracy of its content, the conscientious choice of the service providers as well as the passing on of travel documents to the point of sale/client.
9.2 SPEAK Language Travel can in no case be held responsible in the case of an accident in the place of the stay or during the journey. Only the responsibility of the service provider (school, airline company…) can become involved.
9.3 SPEAK Language Travel assumes no responsibility for compensation requests linked to airline agreements. The passenger is notified that SPEAK Language Travel does not organise airline journeys and only intervenes in the matter as an intermediary. In this regard, we attract your attention to the terms and conditions of the partner travel agency.
9.4 SPEAK Language Travel cannot be held responsible for any potential changes to the programme (courses, classes, accommodation details, etc.) which its partner schools may be forced to make.
9.5 SPEAK Language Travel reserves the right to change, without prior notice, the content of its brochure as well as the chosen service providers.
10. Cancellation of programme
10.1 The organiser may cancel a programme in the case of unforeseeable circumstances, by order of the authoritie, a strike, civil unrest or other restrictive reasons. The total amount paid for the course is immediately returned, however, in all cases, the organiser may keep a compensation for the services partially provided.
11. Price changes
11.1 SPEAK Language Travel reserves the right to modify the prices in the case of unpredictable changes, such as monetary fluctuations, an increase in transport costs, the introduction or increase of State taxes like airport taxes or VAT. If the increase is more than 20% of the rate confirmed by SPEAK Language Travel (SPEAK Language Travel Sàrl.), you have the right to terminate your contract with SPEAK Language Travel (SPEAK Language Travel Sàrl.), without paying any charge, by registered post, within the 10 days following our confirmation.
12. Complaints
12.1 Any complaint must be made directly to the school and during the duration of your stay. If your approach to the school is not effective, contact SPEAK Language Travel (SPEAK Language Travel Sàrl.). If the problem cannot be solved directly, you can demand a written report from the school and address it to us with your complaint, at the latest 30 days following your return. Any complaint made after this deadline is inadmissible.
13. Enrolment & confirmation
13.1 All of the course material is not systematically included in the price of the stay. In this case, it is to be paid on-site and varies depending on the development of your language level (duration of stay), according to the chosen programme (specific courses, exam preparation courses), or according to the personal needs of the students (support, one-to-one classes).The price of course material varies between CHF 40 and CHF 100.
14. Bank holidays
14.1 If teaching does not take place on bank holidays and if the classes are not made up for by our partner schools, the missed hours are not reimbursed.
15. Course changes
15.1 According to the number of participants, their language level or the season, our partner schools are sometimes obliged to replace booked group courses by one-to-one classes (of fewer lessons). These changes do not give way to any refund.
16. Promotional material
16.1 SPEAK Language Travel reserves the right to keep and/or use, for promotional purposes, the images and photographs which were taken within its partner schools or within the framework of a language study trip abroad in agreement with the participants. In return, SPEAK Language Travel commits itself to confidentiality and discretion, in order to preserve the rights and goods of its clients, in accordance with the legislation in force.
19. Responsible organisations
19.1 Organisations of our respective partner schools.
20. Place of jurisdiction
20.1 Only the provisions of Swiss law are applicable in subsequent relations between you and SPEAK Language Travel (SPEAK Language Travel Sàrl.). The place of jurisdiction is Lausanne.